Anti War Soldier

I wanted to like this book.   Honestly, I did.   That Jonathan Hutto and other members of the US armed forces are organizing themselves in opposition to the war on Iraq certainly strikes me as very good news,  and that they are taking inspiration and receiving practical advice from veterans of the Vietnam conflict, including David Cortright author of Soldiers In Revolt a 1976 book about that earlier conflict that was re-published in 2006,  also sounds quite promising and interesting to me.    There’s just one problem.  Hutto seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder and is not much of a writer.  

While I am quite certain that racism continues to be a major issue for black soldiers, Hutto seems unable to distinguish real racism from the petty abuse of new recruits that is a significant part of the army’s culture and which recruits of every color are routinely subjected to.   The book also feels very disorganized, making the same points over and over and bizzarely putting the Vietnam history lesson in the final rather than the first chapter.   I hope that at some point a member of the military resistance to the war on Iraq will pen a compelling book about this issue.  Sad to say, Anti War Soldier is not it.    Not Recommended.  Buy now only $9.95