Plan B 3.0

I’ve only done this once before,  but I honestly believe that if you care about the future of our planet, at all,  you MUST read this book!   If you regularly read books about environmental issues,  it can be easy to become discouraged.   But Lester R. Brown is having none of that, thank you.    Brown, the founder of the Earth Policy Institute makes very, very plain that we as a civilization are at a crisis point and in danger of collapse, due to global warming, a fossil fuel economy that fails to reflect real costs and an increasing number of failing states that fall into anarchy as the population soars and the environment is unable to support the ever increasing numbers of people.   Does that mean we are doomed as a species?   Not hardly, according to Brown.   But we must mobilize globally to save civilization on a fast track.   And Mr. Brown has a plan.   It’s not Plan A, business as usual, but Plan B, a multi-faceted approach to solving our climate and economic problems in one fell swoop.   And it sounds to me at least as though it will actually work,  if we but give it our all.

There are, to be honest,  an awful lot of books out there about the environment and the problems we face.  But even when most of these books do identify and talk about a solution, it is all too often presented as too little, too late.   What I really loved about Plan B, is that each time I started to conclude the problems are overwhelming and unsolvable, Brown points up a solution that uses technology that is available now, and being used now and shows clearly how expanding on the baby steps already taken we Can save our planet and our civilization.   In this volume, Brown presents a clear and achievable plan for reducing our carbon footprint by fully 80 percent by the year 2020.   Brown envisions a future in which humans utilize a mixture of wind, solar and geo-thermal energy sources to replace our fossil fuel addiction.    He envisions cities and towns in which the bulk of commuting and errand running can be done by walking, bicycle and public transportation.   He envisions a future of plug in hybrid cars, powered by wind generated electricity, and end to non-cellulosic ethanol in order to stabilize food prices.  (Grain prices worldwide are through the roof due to the use of corn and other grain crops to make ethanol.)

And the best part of it, is that Brown makes all of it sound urgent, achievable and the solemn duty of every man and woman on the planet.    I was quite intrigued by the $200 solar roof top hot water heaters that are selling like hotcakes in China and, increasingly, in Europe.   I was quite struck by a quote from Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, "illiteracy and inumeracy are a greater threat to humanity than terrorism".   I was amazed to learn that three US states, Texas, Nebraska and Montana, I think, have enough wind energy to power the entire country.    I was even more amazed to learn that even large public utility companies are investing in wave power, where electricity is generated by harnessing the oceans tides.  If you are depressed by the environment and the economy (and who isn’t today) and worried about the world we are leaving to our children and grandchildren, Buy Plan B 3.0 NOW for only $11.50.   Or click the book cover to order the book from Your library.   Or click here to read the book online, compltely free of charge.    Plan B 3.0     Very Highly Recommended.   An Absolute MUST READ!