Illegal People

David Bacon’s Illegal People was a real eye opener for me.  As readers of this post will certainly remember  I am the only liberal extant who is strongly opposed to illegal immigration.   Though I sure see it differently now.   Bacon writes extensively about the history of Mexico and the history of United States trade policy and makes a clear and convincing case that "globalization" is really just a protection racket for ruthless corporations.   I had always expected as much since my good-paying job went to India, then the outsource low-paying job (doing precisely the same work) Also went to India.

What I somehow never fully grasped through my own toils and travails with "globalization" is just how much better off we wage workers in the United States are compared to our global neighbors to the South.   Bacon makes crystal clear how NAFTA and other trade treaties, as well as the policies of the World Bank has caught trapped the working class the world over in jobs that are Designed to be demeaning and degrading and not pay enough to support a life worth living.   This is a very important book that I think most everyone should read.   It certainly brought me to a much better understanding of the real crises and their causes.    Illegal People–Highly Recommended.