Vi Agra Falls

Starting off the new week with a Monday mystery.   I have for several years been reading books from Mary Daheim’s "bed and breakfast" series of mysteries centering on Judith MacGoinigle Flynn, the owner of a bed and breakfast located in a cheery old mansion on the fictional Heraldsgate Hill, which is patterned after Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill.   Daheim,  a Seattle native and resident has published over a dozen of these mysteries.  

 Mrs. Flynn just always seems to have dead bodies turning up around her and as this volume opens, she is frankly frustrated and tired of all the dead bodies that keep turning up and the publicity she has received threatens to put her B & B out of business.   One night the tenants of the house across the street suddenly move out and some people from Oklahoma, the Buss family moves in.   The Busses turn out to be none other than Judith’s husband’s first wife Vivian ("call me Vi")  and her new husband the former professional baseball player Billy Buss.   The Busses it turns out have also bought the property next door and are planning to build a high rise condominium smack in the quiet cul-de-sac.   Then an unidentified man is found murdered and tied up in the Busses yard and we are treated to Mrs. Flynn’s usual sleuthing with as always the help of her cousin Renie and her husband, Joe a retired police detective.

As always,  Flynn figures out who done it and perhaps more importantly in this  case just whom it was done to.  For fans of Daheim’s earlier work, Vi Agra Falls is definitely Recommended.   As for me,  I am oddly enough still trying to decide after having read four or five of these whether or not I like this author and these characters or not.    Which is hardly a ringing recommendation, but happens to be the truth.