Carribean Cannabis Casserole Cookbooks

Today’s cookbook roundup is all "C’s"!   First up,  Wendy Rahamut,  a resident of the island Trinidad in the south Caribbean, has written Modern Caribbean Cuisine in which she includes both traditional island recipes and her takes on many contemporary dishes that utilize local Caribbean ingredients.    The results are somewhat mixed.  Some recipes,  like the cover illustrating Baked Sweet Potatoes with Chili and Lemon seem simple, fresh and tasty while others, such as a recipe for Mexican Empanadas (which calls for using _raisins_ as well as beef or chicken in the filling) simply come across as strange and unappealing.    The over sized hard cover book itself is very bright and colorful with most recipes receiving a full lage fonted page and many recipes illustrated.    If you have a hankering for Caribbean food and would like to hear some new and different ideas,  Modern Caribbean Cuisine is half-heartedly Recommended.


To be perfectly honest, I was kind of shocked to come across this next title while checking books in last week.   As far as I know, the main ingredient in The Cannabis Cookbook is still illegal so I didn’t really expect this would be featured on the library’s cookbook shelves.   But it is, go figure.   After an introductory section about the history of cannabis in the kitchen,  the author begins with instructions for making cannabutter or ghee as well as tinctures of cannabis that can be used to flavor various recipes and drinks.   From "Stoned Starters" like Ganja Garlic Bread and Grassy Knoll Guacamole to main dishes like Puffed Up Pizza, Charas Curry and Chili, to decadent desserts like Chocolate Chip Koma Cookies or Freaky Fridge Cake the author provides easy to follow recipes for cooking with Mary Jane.   The amounts of pot called for would make any of these dishes a very expensive indulgence so I am unable to offer any taste test results.    The Cannabis Cookbook is Recommended, for amusement value only.

And finally today,  Beatrice Ojakangas a home cook and cookbook author from Minnesota has recently written The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever.  An exhaustive volume featuring hundreds of recipes for any and every type of casserole, from breakfast to dessert and every meal in between.    While Ojakangas did attempt to update many classic recipes to make them more helpful and make use of modern ingredients,  she managed to avoid the over-the-top ban on creamed soups that made Bake Until Bubbly so tiresome.   If you have a hankering to make some classic casserole and don’t quite remember how or need some budget stretching ideas for these hard times,  The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever is Recommended.