Odds And Ends

Just a short post today,  to show you a couple of books I brought home last week which while interesting and unusual don’t really rate a full fledged ‘review’.    First up,  for some of those wonderful blogging cats like Daisy and Luxor and with a not also to a really excellent and informative site Of Cats,  I am featuring Rick Smolan and Elliot Cohen’s  2005 coffee table sized picture book  Cats 24/7.    Page after page of excellent full color and often full page photographs of every cat and its people,  from babies to grand maws and everything in between.    If you buy the book new, the price includes having a custom book cover printed, featuring your cat on the front.   Recommended (to cats and cat people)

Today’s other book selection is pretty specifically for my friend ender,  whom I’m certain would appreciate a book of detailed instructions for contstructing 37 different structures.  And if the arrow filled pages showing how the logs go together are insufficiently clear,   just pop  in the included CD ROM  and build along with the display.    For ender and for boys sufficiently young (or young-at-heart) the Lincoln Log Building Manual is Recommended.

My apologies for the short post today.    Please visit again tomorrow when I will be featuring my first EVER Guest Review.    Happy Thursday!