Intern: A Doctor's Initiation

Perhaps it’s a matter of having watch ER for too long or having read too many other books about the rigors of becoming a doctor, but for me at least Sandeep Jahur’s Intern was a rather un-satisfying read.   A memoir of his "Intern" or first year of residency, Jahur writes a lot about his reasons for pursuing a career in medicine,  about his doubts and uncertainties and about the brutal scheduling common to internships.   Jahur is especially critical of the new practice of "night call"  in which interns work for a period exclusively on the night shift, where he argues, they are largely un-supervised and lack for resources to call upon when patiens become critically ill overnight.    Despite all the complaints, Jahur does feel that he has become a competent physician and that his internship thus ‘worked’.   This one is Not Recommended.