Top Dropper Link Love, My Way

So I’ve been wanting to do a link love post for my top ten droppers.   I have ten "reject pile" books but by and large they are not a good fit for my top droppers.    I need architects and real estate fans,  parents and pre-schoolers, history buffs and green living types.   What I have, mostly, is techies, blogging help and fashionistas.   So rather than trying to do a list and dedicating a book to each of my top droppers,  I am simply posting the book covers below.  And just this once, rather than linking to the book’s Worldcat page,   each book cover is linked to a top droppers blog.     If the title or the cover catches your eye,  please do visit Worldcat to locate the nearest library copy or use the Powell’s search box to purchase it.    My sincerest thanks to my top droppers,  and please Do click on the book covers to find out who they are,  and look for a more substantive book review again tomorrow on The Thin Red Line.


As always these are books that caught my eye but which in the end I just did not get around to reading or reviewing.    If any of them strike your fancy,  do use the tools to get your hands on a copy and let me know how you liked it.   Guest reviews welcome.

Happy Wednesday!