The Practical Nomad

Back in 2002,  while traveling to New Orleans for my father’s funeral,  I first read The Practical Nomad by Edward Hasbrouck.   Subtitled "how to travel around the world",  this is The definitive guide to long term international travel.  Hasbrouck,  a San Francisco travel agent and highly experienced world traveler covers absolutely everything you need to know to travel around the world for six months to a year or more.   One of Hasbrouck’s major themes is the educational benefit of international travel,  and while the book is plump full of specific advice for all matter of travel details,  it also talks a great deal about the First, Second, Third and Fourth "Worlds" and about the global North and South.   Anyone not already well familiar with these concepts would do well to read this book even if they are not planning or hoping to someday plan a long international journey.

Generally,   Hasbrouck advises that you purchase all of your airfares in advance before setting out (unless you will be travelling for more than a year in which case you will have to buy some of your tickets en route).  He also strongly advises against most air passes and special ‘around the world’ or ‘circle the Pacific’ fares and states that the best values are generally obtained from a travel agency that specializes in complex international routings.   The agency where Hasbrouck is employed has a web site where you can get a general idea of the cost of your itinerary.   They also work with clients all over the world via e-mail and phone.   There is also an appendix featuring exhaustive listings of online travel resources which you can consult.    Honestly,  I don’t know if I will ever get around to planning and taking the long trip to the South Pacific that I have been contemplating ever since I visited the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu,  but whether I at lenght make the trip or don’t,  The Practical Nomad is still well worth reading and re-reading.    The Practical Nomad  recently released in an updated fourth edition–Highly Recommended.