A Life In Smoke

Today,  a review from my partner, Ron:

A Life in Smoke is an odd sort of book.  In it the author documents her many attempts to quit smoking and a whole load of rationalizations as to why she took up smoking and continued to self sabotage all of her attempts to quit.  Some as drastic as chaining her self up to keep from smoking. 

Her feelings of letting her loved ones down by failing only further drag her down into self loathing and self pity.  Quitting is hard, and there are more psychological addiction issues than physical ones.  And she does touch on most of them, but it seems almost like an accident when she does.

As someone who did quit pipe smoking when he had a "silent" heart attack I can tell you it’s not easy. But six weeks after surgery I resumed smoking cigarettes, which I had never smoked in my life and don’t really enjoy. And can’t seem to stop, even though I do try.

In the afterword, she tells the eternal truth of quitting.  When it’s time it’s time. She finally quits by telling herself to wait a bit when she wanted another cigarette.   And had been a long time off, this after all of her failed attempts.  Which most long time smokers know "it was just her time to quit".  We all know when it happens and for some it never does. I hope I’m lucky enough to get a second time to quit.

This book is Recommended With Reservations…..anti smoking people will use it to attack the smokers in their lives.  And smokers will have a lot of their already high level of guilt and anxiety over smoking quite heightened.