Today Is David Day OR Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore

Happy Wednesday, everybody!   It’s time once again for an Easy Picture Books roundup and today’s lot were all written by a couple of Davids.   First off is David McPhail, whose Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore is a richly colorful delight.   Late one evening, the author sat reading in his favorite chair and thought he heard some noise coming from the kitchen and cautiously stepped through the kitchen door,  whence he slipped on a banana peel and fell smack dab into a whole big pile of pigs.   Pigs here, there and everywhere making and eating all kinds of food, wearing all sorts of outfits,  all cleverly illustrated with the cutest pigs.   Pigs apltenty,  pigs galore!   Highly Recommended.

Both of David Shannon’s clever children’s books featured today are a bit older.  And despite being rather heavily crayoned upon both of them continue to be quite popular.   No, David!  is said to be based on the author’s own childhood and is based upon a booklet that David drew when he was but five years old.   And on every page the concluded line is No, David!  From "Don’t play with your food!"  to "Stop that this instant!", to "Go to your room!"  there seems to be no end to all the number of ways David can get in trouble.   

And then, finally,  The Rain Came Down.   One sunny day, the sky clouded over and turned gray and the rain came down.   The chickens squaweked, the dogs barked, the baby cried, the traffic slowed to a crawl, then snarled, the groceries fell, the people bickered and still the rain came down.   And when things have wound up to a frenetic pitch with everyone from the farm all through the town thoroughly out of sorts with the rain,  it stops.   And the sun comes out and all of the problems get resolved on a beautiful sunny, summer afternoon.    Which is what I am wishing for you today.   Both of these books come Highly Recommended.