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I had thought about doing another top ten droppers link love post this weekend, but given that I only have one book I consider at all suitable–  cool colors for modern living is another great color book that I unreservedly recommend to Aerten Art who is, I think my number Three dropper this week.     On the other hand, I do have 5 other great books,  none of which I would particularly want to "tag" to any of my other droppers, great though both the droppers and the books are.    These are all fairly controversial and so clearly fit the "interesting and unusual" portions of my tag line that I feel I just Have to blog about these books.

Michael Shnayerson’s Coal River is the remarkable story of a small grassroots coalition that is having some success in fighting the "mountain top removal" method of mining which is devestating places like West Virginia.

It’s Not News, It’s Fark–  How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News by Drew Curtis, founder of is part diatribe, part documentary about the time-wasting garbage that gets passed off as "news" these days.   



Patrick Cockburn, an experienced journalist with many years of covering Iraq under his belt has written a compelling biography of Muqtada Al-Sadr, The Shia Revival and the Struggle For Iraq.


Much like Coal RiverNuclear Nebraska by Susan Cragin is "The Remarkable story of the Little County that couldn’t be bought."   The story of how Boyd County Nebraska firmly and succesfully said NO to  becoming a storage ground for nuclear waste.


And finally tonight,   Alan B Krueger asks  What Makes A Terrorist.   The answer, surprisingly seems to be a much better than average income and and a much better than average education.   Krueger completely refutes the oft repeated truisim that terrorists are uneducated and impovershed.


All five of these are Recommended.    Happy Weekend and I will be back on Tuesday with more books that have recently passed under The Thin Red Line.