I'd Really Like To Eat A Child

And a Happy Wednesday to you!   It’s time for another Easy Picture Book roundup and I have some great ones for you today.    First off,  is Betsy Everitt’s Mean Soup.   A child is in a very bad mood until his mother puts a pot of water on to boil and together they stir all of their anger into the Mean Soup.    A cute suggestion on dealing with anger,  though the illustrations were not all they might be.   The book is beautifully colored and very striking.    Recommended.

Sylviane Donnio and Dorothee de Monfreid  have co-laborated as author and illustrator of the very special children’s book.   Little Achilles Crocodile doesn’t want to eat the bannanas that his Mama brings for breakfast.   Instead he says "I’d Really Like To Eat a Child".   And so Achilles sets out for the river bank and soon enough does indeed encounter a child.   Who picks him up, tickles his tummy and tosses him back in the river.    In the final frame, little Achilles is back home eating his bannanas,  determined that some he will eat a child.   When he’s Big Enough.   A very cute story.    Highly Recommended.

And finally today,  Don’t Forget Winona is an historical tale of a family making their way from Oklahoma to California during the Dust Bowl years and the times they took off and forgot Winona along the way.   A very nice little history lesson dressed up as a cute story book with charming and believable characters.    This one too, is Highly Recommended.    

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a few great children’s books, and don’t forget you can click on any book cover to order the book from Your local library.