Dead Rooster's Arte Y Pico, Like Ed

First off today,  a sincerest Thank You to Cromley over at Cromley’s World who a few days ago bestowed on me my  very own Arte Y Pico award,  which as I understand it is intended to recognize bloggers who are an "inspiration to others" in terms of   "creativity, design, interesting content, and contributions to the larger blogging community".     Long-time readers of this blog will certainly recall my fuming against "memes"  and probably will not be surprised to learn that I have decidedly mixed feelings about this award.

While I don’t in any way doubt the sincerity with which it was given and would like to believe that in my own small way I have done my bit to bring creativity, design and interesting content to the larger blogging community,   I can’t quite shake the feeling that these awards are something of a distraction, and one intended by their creators to serve a number of purposes quite apart from promoting design, creativity et als.

It would seem that William McCamment over at the Dead Rooster blog would agree.    McCamment,  another recent recipient of the Arte Y Pico award did a bit of digging around and announced on his blog that over Sixty-Five Thousand  of these Arte Y Pico awards have already been given out,  and assuming that most recipients followed the instructions,   created over 65,000 incoming links to the original site,   which as it happens is in Spanish,  making it difficult for me to even know if it is a site I would want to be associated with.  So rather than follow the instructions and post a copy of the rules and tag five more lucky recipients  I decided instead to tag my long lost blogging buddy Saphrym  (who just recently did an amazing post in response to my  The Why We Want To Kill You For Not Understanding Iraq Meme) with the Dead Rooster Award For Diabolical Greatness.   Again,  my sincerest thanks to Cromley along with my sincerest hopes that the memes and awards will disppear again, at least for awhile.

And finally today,  the actual book review.   I have to confess that I have never seen Ed Begley Jr.’s  cable television show or come across his Begley’s Best all natural cleaning products so his recently released book Living Like Ed was in fact my first acquaintance with Begley as a spokesman for "Eco-Friendly" Living.   The book is well written and offers a range of things one can do to be more "eco-friendly",  from the easiest things like replacing light bulbs with compact florescents and participating in curb-side recycling programs.   Begley also goes into considerable detail about more intensive greening activities, like solar power and even organic clothing.     I can’t honestly say that the book made me rush out to start living greener,  but it does provide a lot of information and will at the very least provide food for thought and guidance towards greener choices as time goes by.   Recommended.