Fish Forever

If you’ve ever hesitated to eat seafood due to concerns about mercury or other pollutants or concerns about sustainability OR if you’ve ever hesitated to try cooking some exotic variety of seafood or other out of ignorance,  Paul Johnson has written the perfect book for you.   Subtitled "the definitive guide to understanding, selecting and preparing healthy, delicious and enviornmentally sustaingable seafood", Johnson’s Fish Forever is an encyclopediac guide to edibles from the sea.

Paul Johnson, a California fish monger for nearly thirty years knows as thing or two about seafood.   Fish Forever contains over 400 pages and covers more than 70 varieties of fish and other seafoods.  Fish that should avoided due to over-fishing and sustainability issues, farmed fish that are actually a good choice and lesser known but absolutely delicious varieties of fish are all covered in depth.  While some of the recipes are a bit more "nouveau-Californian" and Asian-inspired than I might prefer, the basic fish information and general techniques described are all superb.   Ron called this one "everything you ever wanted to know about fish but were afraid to ask, and that is as good a description as any for this book.   Fish Forever    Recommended.