Kitchen Of Light

Having considered and rejected five other cookbooks for today’s post, I can say without hesitation that Andreas Viestad’s Kitchen Of Light is no ordinary cookbook.   There is first the photography,  which is highly evocative of Thomas Laupstad’s blog, depicting ethereal images of Northern Norway.   And then there are the essays, each like a postcard or travelogue from a  cold, exotic land.   And then of course are the recipes– largely for fish with just enough vegetables and sweets to make a well-rounded cookbook.

Television viewers will already know of Viestad,  host of PBS’s  New Scandinavian Cooking series, now in its third season.   Having somehow missed this show, Kitchen Of Light was for me an introduction to this remarkable man and the food of an area I am ashamed to say I know very little about.  From the Bergen Fish Soup, thick with cream, aromatic with vegetables, brimming with salmon, cod and halibut as well as fish dumplings to Baked Apples with Honey and Ginger, Viestad’s recipes are remarkable both for their simplicity and for the very striking flavor combinations they invoke.  While I have not as yet been inspired to head to the kitchen to try Pepper Grilled Oysters and Scallops or Seared Pollock with Caramelized Onions, these recipes are so fresh and distinctive to make me long for a place I’ve never been.  

Kitchen Of Light— Highly Recommended