Buying A Home

First off a hat’s off  to Cecilia Sherrard’s Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Blog,  which every day provides great advice for home buyers and sellers alike.  Today’s book, Buying A Home by the Better Business Bureau is a well-written  and down-to-earth "must read" for the first time home buyer.  Covering all the details from getting pre-qualified for a mortgage (an often overlooked, "must-do" first step) to the potentially confusing details of escrow and closing, Buying A Home offers detailed and specific step by step advice for the home buyer.   I was especially impressed by all of the detailed advice for things the buyer needs to do before beginning to look at homes,  not only pre-qualifying for a mortgage but also zeroing in on a neighborhood, learning about the current economic environment ("buyer’s market" vs "seller’s market") and finding the right real estate agent to work with.

Perhaps even more important is all the of the advice geared to later in the home-buying process from engaging the services of a home inspector to creating a "punch list" of items the seller must resolve before closing to doing an all-important final walk-through of the property less than 24 hours before closing to knowing when it would actually make sense to walk away from a deal, the BBB has your covered.  So whether you are interested in Buying A Home In Ohio or in any other location, Buying A Home is Highly Recommended.