The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians

It’s time once again for another Easy Picture Books roundup and I have three really cute one for you today.   Tedd Arnold’s More Parts is one of a series of three books that are a pure D delight.   In charming rhyme,  Arnold explores the thoughts and actions of a small boy who takes common sayings literally.   From "broke your heart" and "give him a hand" to "jumps out of his skin" and "lost your mind", Arnold‘s beautifully illustrated tale is a sheer joy.   This one comes Highly Recommended.

Jon Agee’s Nothing tells the story of the day Otis sells the last item in his antiques shop when in comes Mrs. Susie Gump.  She asks what he has for sale and Otis replies "Nothing".   Mrs. Gump promptly pays Otis three hundred dollars for his nothing.    Soon fashionable shops up and down and all over town are offering special deals on nothing at all, when finally Mrs. Gump tires of living without any of her nice things and returns to Otis’s shop to buy all sorts of things one needs to keep a home.  A delightful, silly story this one too is Highly Recommended.


The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians, written by Carla Morris and illustrated by Brad Sneed probably will most appeal to the folks who work in libraries.  This book focuses on the libarian’s penchant for identifying, organizing and classifying materials, be they books or bugs.   While I quite enjoyed it,  I suspect that this book would be less appealing to actual children than either of the others.   Recommended.