1080 Recipes

I have a number of cookbooks on hand and was intending to do another Cookbook Roundup to round off the week on Friday.   But after spending some time with 1080 Recipes I realized that this one deserved a review all its own.   And my apologies for not getting Friday posted until  Sunday.

For more than thirty years Simone Ortega’s 1080 Recipes has been considered the authoritative volume on Spanish cooking and has sold millions of copies in various editions in Spanish.   This 2007 release from Phaidon Publishing is the first English translation for which Ortega and her daughter Ines have updated all of the recipes to be accessible to home cooks in the English speaking world.

And what recipes.   This big city phone book-sized hardcover covers everything from appetizers to desserts including cold plates, shellfish, sauces, game and variety meats as well as menus from celebrated Spanish chefs and a section of tips on ingredients and cooking methods.  The book has not just one but three separate book marking ribbons sewn into the binding enabling the reader to mark recipes at three different places without ever bending a page corner.   My first bookmark is set at a page devoted to paella including both a classic paella and two variations.    The second book mark is set to a couple of pasta recipes for Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti With Peas and Clams, both of which sound mouth-watering.   My final bookmark is set to a really tasty-sounding recipe for Andulusian Stuffed Chicken.

If you have never really tried Spanish cooking this big book would be a great introduction and many of the recipes are simple enough for the novice-aspiring home cook while the breadth and depth of the selections and the many more advanced recipes will appeal to the most experienced Spanish chef.    1080 Recipes  Highly Recommended.