Free For All

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One Sunday afternoon I was working at the check in desk.   One of the reference librarians handed me her return materials, including Free For All, which she heartily recommended.   ‘It’s a hoot’, she said.

And Borchert’s memoir of life in the library was at times absolutely laugh out loud funny, though just as when I read  blogging librarian Woeful,   I frankly found myself profoundly grateful that the patrons we serve and the problems we encounter in dealing with them are SO much less…colorful.   While I have occasionally found some odd things in the book return drop and wondered why the heck someone had put them there, nothing in my own work experience compares to Borchert’s tale of finding a feces covered dildo in the book return at his suburban Los Angeles library.   

Borchert writes well and tells a good story and after a couple of decades in the library he does have some stories to tell.   From infuriating and unsolvable patron problems to the kind of questions that No Body Else would Ever get asked, Free For All is a hilarious account of life at the library.   Highly Recommended if you work at a library,   Recommended for amusement even if you don’t.