The Librarian of Basra

While I posted an Easy Books roundup just yesterday  I felt this Easy Non-Fiction title I stumbled upon last week rated a post of its own.    The Librarian of Basra is a true story about Alia Muhammad Baker who is the librarian in Basra, Iraq.   When war comes Alia fears that her library and its 30,000 books may be destroyed.   She begins taking the books home and storing them safely and arranges for other library staff members to do the same.    While the library does end up getting burned and destroyed Alia and her colleagues are able to save fully seventy percent of the library’s collection.

I found this to be an exceptionally effective example of good Easy Non Fiction that manages to convey relatively complex information in a sufficiently simple way to be accessible to our youngest readers.    And reading the story of this remarkable librarian I couldn’t help but wonder to what extent the librarians and other staff I work with would go to to protect our collection.    I dunno but it made me think.     For both library staff and the kindergarten crowd this one is Highly Recommended.