Living Outside The Box And Within My New Categories

Happy Friday!    Back when I was in the eight grade one of our teachers made our course grade dependent upon a special project in which we would strictly limit the amount of television we watched and keep a journal and report on what things we did when not watching television.

I’m pleased to say that this junior high school experiment largely saved me from being a slave to the boob tube the way so many of my generation are.  So I was initially quite sympathetic in my approach to Living Outside The Box—TV-Free Families Share Their Secrets.  Surprisingly author Barbara Brock managed to quite lose me, in spite of my general and long time support of turn off the tv and DO SOMETHING with your life initatives.

After first couple of pages I found myself very turned off by the oh so self-congratulatory tone of Brock’s reports of families who eschew television altogether and the amazing things they manage to do in the time thus gained.   Brock makes the all too common mistake of writers who are passionate about their topic in allowing their copy to take on a tone of prescriptive advocacy in place of objective reporting,  which is so much more persuasive to readers who are not themselves already zealots of the cause.    Unless you  already  believe passionately in a television free lifestyle this one is Not Recommended.

* * *

You may have noticed some changes to my sidebar over the past week or so.    I have been very pleased that I am getting increasing numbers of visitors to this site and even more pleased that many of these folks seem genuinely intrested in the book reviews.   So I felt it was important to press on with a long planned initiative to make the site more browse-able and the hundreds of book reviews available here more accessible to new visitors.   I have begun long delayed work in applying appropriate tags and categories to older posts and have revamped the category selections to facilitate easy browsing on posts in a given area of interest.   You may already have noticed that the monthly archive links disappeared and the Category Structure is continuing to evolve and the number of posts in each category expand as I complete back end work on the archives.

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Thank you for your visit today to The Thin Red Line.   Please come back again soon to discover more books with me.