Orange Pear Apple Bear Bird Dog Kitty

orgbearHappy Monday! We are Way overdue for an Easy Picture Book roundup and I have four great ones today!

Using only five words, artist/illustrator Emily Gravett’s Orange Pear Apple Bear is a unique and charming book that will delight children and grown ups alike. The books varying ordering of the title’s four words and Gravett’s highly creative illustrations of each are truly remarkable. There. Highly Recommended.








Author and bird rescuer April Pulley Sayre and illustrator Gary Locke have collaborated on a delightful picture book: Bird, Bird, Bird! (A Chirping Chant) has comical pictures of many, many, many different birds, the names of which form wonderful tongue twisters. From "Wandering Tattler, Timberdoodle, Teal, Nutcracker, Gnatcatcher, Are these real?" to "House Wren, Hummingbird, White Winged Dove, Birds, Birds, Birds that’s what I love!" Highly recommended




Jez Alborough’s Some Dogs Do is a beautifully illustrated, over-sized story book about Sid, a young dog who discovers he can fly. All of the children and teachers at school tell him repeatedly that Dogs Don’t Fly. Later his father lets him in on the secret. Some Dogs Do. The large richly colored pages have the quality of paintings. A truly beautiful book. Highly Recommended.





An inventive alphabet drill, Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty first runs through a list of vegetables that the kitty does NOT want to eat, from asparagus to zuchinni, kitty is Horrified by the menu and determines to be a BAD kitty and she is bad in fully 26 different ways from Ate My Homework to Zeroed The Zinnias. But then someone said I’m back from the store and we have food that kitty will love, from An Assortment of Anchovies to baked zebra ziti. This made kitty very happy and she was Good in 26 ways from Apologized to Grandma to Lulled the Baby to Sleep. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. Recommended.