The Library Mouse

Resuming my regular posts with a Wednesday Easy Picture Book Roundup:   Library Mouse,  a 2007 release from author and illustrator Daniel Kirk is a delight.   Sam, a mouse who lives behind the reference shelves in the children’s section at the library is a voracious reader.   Then one day he decides to write a book and leaves it out on the shelf with all the others and the children read and enjoy it.


Sam is spurred on to write more books, but shies away from a meet the author invitation by cleverly setting up a display with a mirror to urge each child to see himself as an author and like Sam, write a book of his own.    A beautifully illustrated and charming book.    Highly Recommended.

I confess that what drew me to Foggy Friday was the very pimento-stuffed olive slice  motif of the bedspread in the cover illustration.   One Foggy Friday on Bonnie Bumble’s farm the rooster lost his cock-a-doodle-doo.   The other animals all tried to pinch hit  (Oink-a-ooodle-oooo!,  Moo-a-moodle-moo).   These sounds just wouldn’t do.    A silly sounds book for the pre-school set.  Recommended.

In much the same vein as his Who Builds? (reviewed here), author/illustrator Michael Rex’s Who Digs? features a series of fold down illustrations that answer the title question.  From the dog digging to bury a bone to the forest ranger digging a hole to plant a tree to the final frame suggesting the reader dig in the backyard to get dirty.   I didn’t like it quite as well as Who Builds?  but I did like it.   Recommended.