A Quirky But Serious Meme Post

I get so many great recommendations from people I value and it saddens me that I don’t always find time to follow through with reading all of them, vigilant as I usually am about ordering them from the library when the book is first mentioned.   

And right now I am very caught up in reading Untapped–The Scramble For Africa’s Oil, which is both fascinating and timely and I expect to blog about it next week.   And today I happened to come across something very rare.   A meme I found on Haley Hughes’ The Beacon blog, the Page 123 Meme,  that actually seemed to fit well with my blog and that I actually wanted to follow,  even though I was not tagged with it.

The instructions seem simple:

1) Pick up the book nearest you
2) Open to page 123
3) Find the 5th sentence
4) Post the following 3 sentences
5) Tag five others

With a nod to techfun,  whose suggestion was responsible for it being at hand in the stack on my couch,  I picked up Quirkology by Richard Wiseman and turned to page 123.  I counted down to the fifth sentence and then found:

"We would also be careful to produce a level of infrasound that was on the cusp of perception and this, coupled wiht the fact that it was masked by GeNIA’s music, would help ensure that members of the audience were never consciously aware of its presence.

Staging the concert was far from easy.  The South Bank concert rooms were not far from the London Zoo, and there was an initial concern that some of the animals might be affected by the infrasound, thus re-creating the "unusual uproar" initiated by Galton’s sound studies over a century before."

It’s not clear to me how much this random except would be in helping you to judge whether or not to read Wiseman’s book which is fairly academic in scope but has a very accessible style filled with lots of literary and pop culture references that lend readability.    It frankly seems like an intriguing book and I am keeping it on the stack a bit longer in hopes it may make the cut after I return from my immersion in the fascinating tale of Africa’s Oil.   In the meantime, Wiseman’s website may be of more practical use in learning about the book’s ideas themes.

And my regular readers will not be surprised that since I was not tagged with this meme, I am refraining from the step 5 of tagging 5 others, but if you should have a book to hand and would like to post the 6th, 7th and 8th sentence on page 123 for our edification, the meme goddess will be eternally grateful.