Writing Contest! Win 3,000 EC

Over  on Chain Drop I talk a lot about making and keeping friends.   And when a contest we recently tried to run completely flopped because no one entered it, except for one contestant, whose entry was eaten by our entry form, Dane says to me  "what we need is to bring in all those Writers like in Tiffany’s writing group….They would write good pieces about how they use social networking".   So I thought to myself, I’m friends with a bunch of those writers.   And some of them I know read my books blog if not Chain Drop.

Which is why I am announcing here on The Thin Red Line, Chain Drop’s Social Networking WRITING contest,  where Everyone’s a winner.   The  contest rules are really simple:

Write a three to five paragraph entry about how you use Social Networking.     It doesn’t have to be about any particular social networking site or about any particular aspect of social networking;  just write about whatever you want to as long as it relates to social networking, it’s all good.    NO link back is required,  feel free to post your entry as a comment to this post or on your own blog and leave your link in the comments.

Feel free to comment about any entries that have been posted.   Each substantive post about social networking and Each substantive comment about a previous post will count as one entry.    

On February 28, 2008 I will close this post to further comments.  
I will remove any comments that are inappropriate or insubstantial prior to selecting the winner by  using a random number generator to select one of the comments  as the winner of 3,000 Entrecard credits to be purchased by Dane and Alan just for this contest.    And if you are not into Entrecard you will have the option of receiving from us via Paypal the cash price we would have topay for the credits on 2/28/06.  All of the entries and comments may also be published on Chain Drop in a special post about this contest.    By submitting your work you grant us the right to pubish your submission on both blogs as described.   You retain all other rights to your work.