Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

Today’s book review was generously contributed by my partner Ron.   If you like it,  please leave him a comment and let him know.


When Alan looks at books coming through to be scanned sometimes he finds stuff for me. And with Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laura Viera Rigler he hit the Jackpot.  He knows that I reread Jane Austen’s six novels at least once a year. And he knows how much I love her work.

Obviously Ms Rigler does too.  She’s written one heck of good story around the concept of a modern woman waking up and finding herself living a life that could be right out of Jane Austen. Complete with tyrannical, get her married rich obsessed mother, and the archetype mysterious romantic man who want’s Jane (her eigteenth century self) to marry him. Mix in the man’s sister, who is Jane’s best friend and who also disikes her brother.  Period settings and an actual on the street meeting with Jane Austen herself and you have a great read.

Ms Rigler leaves the "how she got there" question vague. Which is a good thing as it allows the book to focus on how Courtney (the 20th century girl) adapts to Regency era England. She makes some wonderful realizations on how life was both better and worse in those days.  And learns to adapt to living a priviledged yet stifled life in Regency England. And her modern take occasionally has people of that era thinking she’s less than sane.

I won’t spoil the ending, since like Jane Austen’s books themselves, you know how theyre going to end. The fun is how you get there, and those wonderful twists and turns on the way.  Ms Rigler has written a wonderful take on those books. And I can’t help thinking that Jane Austen might  herself approve of this book .

If you too like Jane Austen, or just ever wondered how life really was back then, get this book.
I can’t recommend it any higher…