A Different And BETTER Kind of Entrecard Link Love

My apologies for not posting on Friday.   I have spent the past few days battling a rash of scraping and splogging issues, all I’m sorry to say connected with Entrecard.  It’s a new experience for me but I suspect that the fact that people start trying to scrape your stuff can be taken as a sign you are starting to get some notice.   And I have found that I am more than capable of defending myself so far (as always, like the Beatles, ‘with a little help from my friends’.)    And really,  making new friends and associates is what Entrecard is all about.   

Recently I was tagged by Hulag with the My Top Ten Droppers Meme.   My regular visitors will not be surprised that I am not pasting in the meme instructions and that rather than some instructions and a list, this post will consist of book suggestions for a few of my favorite Entrecarders some from my top ten list and some just friends from different sites.       For Saphrym, the dieting champion I recommend Oyster Cookery by Sharon Motoya-Welsh.    Growing up in New Orleans as the only child of gourmand parents who from a very young age tended to take me along rather than hire a baby sitter when venturing to that city’s many extraordinary restaurants, I named Oysters Bienville as one of my favorite foods by second grade.   Many years later when I moved to Seattle I was delighted to learn that oysters are even more plentiful here in the Northwest than they are on the Gulf Coast.    And Montoya-Welsh, a resident of Oysterville, Washington a coastal town home to a big chunk of Washington’s oyster industry,  has penned an excellent cookbook that includes a wide range of preparations from the classics I grew up with to local Northwest specialties and some entirely new twists of her own.   And oysters should be good on your diet, Mike.

In honor of  bloggernoob‘s avatar I recommend  Bad Baby  by R. D. Rosen, et als.   Funny pictures of babies with funnier captions.   (And the baby on the cover just looks like the noob 😉    For Cromley,  who has shown multiple signs of being an all but fanatical fan of William Shatner,  Captain’s Glory the latest, I believe, of the Star Trek books that list Shatner as the author in a font four times the size of the book title.  (That there are two co-authors listed on the cover makes me suspect old Captain Kirk didn’t really write it at all, but I feel confident that this will make less than zero difference to hard core fans.)

I don’t really know ahkong that well, but I do know he is a great blogger and valued member of the Entrecard community.   While I know we Americans are famous for being geographically ignorant I want to be clear that I do know the difference between Malaysia, where Demios blogs from and China, home of the Great Wall, however both are roughly in Asia and this spectacularly illustrated coffee table book that is hot off the presses and just received in the library today and was the only at all Asian book I had on hand.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it is a gorgeous book and I fell comfortable recommending it on looks alone. (The Great Wall–from beginning to end)

I have some great books lined up for next week and plan to get back to my more detailed presentations but wanted to share a few more books that otherwise not make it to the blog as well as acknowledge just a few of the really great bloggers and friends who make Entrecard worth it.    Keep on dropping, folks.