The Why We Want To Kill You (for not) Understanding Iraq Meme

I don’t normally post to this blog on the weekends,  and a second off-topic post within less than a week is for me, unprecedented.    But I have these two very interesting and unusual books that have been sitting in my stack unread for several weeks now,  and my good buddy Saphrym  today commented on my old Einstein’s Brain God Does Not Exist Meme post that he would  Welcome a challenging meme that Really made him think.   And since I today realized that as interesting and important as these two books so clearly are,  I am nonetheless unlikely to ever find the time and intellectual energy to actually read and review them and so decided instead to punt.




Most bloggers who have been at it any length of time are well familiar with memes.  They’re a bit like old fashioned chain letters.   A blogger does some sort of formulaic post such as “Ten Things I Hate About Blogging”  or “Seven Things Most People Don’t Know About Me” and then tags a handful of people who are then expected to post their own take on the formula and in turn each tag another handful of suckers who will then lather, rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Clearly I am not the only one who dislikes these things.   I have received comments and feedback from other bloggers who agree that memes can be a real pain in the ass and an annoying distraction to niche bloggers who are serious about posting every day in their actual chosen niche.     Which was why I decided back in November when I got tagged with “Seven Things” by a blogger I really liked and wanted to stay on good terms with, to turn the tables and tag him back with my own meme.

The rules for this meme are very simple,  though the meme is actually much harder than it looks.   Saphrym– your meme, The Why We Want To Kill You (for not) Understanding Iraq Meme, if you choose to accept it, is to do a post on your blog that contains the book cover images for Understanding Iraq and Why We Want To Kill You that appears to be about these two books.    You Could if you wished click on the book covers to locate a copy and get the books and read and review them.  Or you Could write an essay about Iraq and Islmaic terrorists that is not actually based on these particular books.  Or you Could write a humorous post that includes and plays on the two titles but actually isn’t about them at all.    The only requirement for the meme is to include the two cover images (hint– you can download them from this post or from Worldcat) in a post that appears to be about them.

I am hoping that this challenge will inspire you to a great post that we will all enjoy.   And if not I suspect you may find yourself muttering some old bits of folk wisdom like “be careful what you wish for” or the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”.    And you may just come to agree with me that getting tagged with a meme is a real pain.