Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them

If you have any stereotypes about men who knit being effeminate milquetoasts who set the nelly-meter spinning off of its scale, Annie Modesitt and Drew Emborsky have written a book to dispel them

And to judge from men like Kenny Chua, the bearded, tattooed Houstonian who enjoys knitting because it is "very mathematical" and precise and "keeps both my hands and my mind occupied" or Thomas Laupstad, a blogger widely know for his extraordinary photo-blog highlighting the incredible beauty of his native Norway, who recently launched a second blog Musings From A Male Knitter Real Men DO knit.   In Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them, Modesitt and Emborsky include some basic instructions and simple projects for real men who are new to knitting and then provide designs and patterns for a number of distinctly masculine and stylish sweaters and in many cases matching dog sweaters and pet accessories and related knitting projects.

While I have to confess that the book did not in fact inspire me to stop off at JoAnn Crafts to buy yarn and needles on my way home from work,  the instructions do seem clear and specific enough for a beginner and the men’s sweater designs definitely well worth using for those more accomplished with knitting.   And by and large the authors do manage to present a very masculine, he-man image of men who knit,  even of men who knit matching co-ordinating sweaters for their dogs, with the glaring exception of the schnauzer and his owner pictured on page 121 in matching lime green and yellow sweaters who did in fact send the nelly-meter spinning off of its scale.    Recommended.