A Peanuts Christmas

Sometimes the holiday season makes me feel old.   Recently my friend techfun pointed out how the advent of hundreds of channels and Tivo have retired what used to be annual cultural touchstones we all shared.    Once school was back in session and the evenings became dark and cool the annual telecast of The Wizard of Oz was something that all kids looked forward to.   It would be followed in early–mid November by the Peanuts Thanksgiving Special– The Great Pumpkin and then it would be December and time for our annual rendezvous with Rudolph , Frosty, The Grinch  and of course A Charlie Brown Christmas.

For all I know these programs are still around,  though if they are they are un-noticed by me and others of my generation in the constant offering of endless choices.  (That somehow still leaves us complaining just as frequently as in the old days that ‘there’s nothing on worth watching’.)   I will confess to being a fan of The Simpsons and Law and Order and admit that I do enjoy being able to watch these shows every day.    I have also been known to bring home entire seasons of shows I like on DVD to watch on my schedule.   But I definitely feel as though something has been lost in gaining all these choices.

And so it was with a pleasant whiff of nostalgia that I happened to snatch up a copy of A Peanuts Christmas in a huge batch of books I was checking in over the weekend.    A collection of classic Christmas-themed Peanuts comic strips, it is not a book of the beloved television special,  but I definitely felt something of the old magic as I gazed fondly at the holiday antics of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Sally and their gang.   If, like me,  you have cherished memories of a time when Christmas was never complete without Charlie Brown’s hapless search for the perfect tree,  A Peanuts Christmas comes Highly Recommended.