The Christmas Cookie Book

Certain cookies just mean Christmas.   For me,  buttery little balls of pecan studded dough rolled in powdered sugar (and known by all sorts of different names) are the Christmas cookie,  though I realize for others it may be gingerbread men,  sugar cookies cut in holiday shapes and sprinkled with red or green sugar.   Whatever your own personal #1 Christmas cookie is,  chances are you will find an excellent recipe for it in Lou Siebert Pappas’  The Christmas Cookie Book.

The author has provided some very concise recipes for some Traditional European style Christmas cookies.  These recipes are streamlined and basic. And her advice is simple, concise and precise. But she assumes that you have some basic baking experience.  Telling you for instance, to cream the butter and sugar until light.  Which is useful if you know what she means by creamed til light. Or to whip egg yokes til lemon colored and frothy.  If you know how to do these things already then these are easy. 

She has collected some really good cookies that are sure to bring a smile of nostalgia upon tasting. Or to provoke some new memories.. sort of pre nostalgia.

This would be a great recipe collection if someone was wanting to get some people together for an old fashioned cookie exchange.  If you can’t find a cookie that you love in this book, well, then you just don’t really like cookies.