Modern Cabin New Style

After ‘ooohing and ahhing’  over the spectacular log mansions, I came across two more very eye-catching books,  that focus on very modern and high tech versions of the vacation cabin.   The Texas hill country vacation home pictured on the cover is a big glass box that’s been designed to be energy efficient and cool in the heat of the day.  It is just one of the oh-so-stunning vacation residences featured in Modern Cabin by Michelle Kodis.    Each featured vacation home is shown in multiple day and night exterior photos and multiple interior shots.   The floor plans for each home are also provided as are details of the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials and the incorporation of design elements and systems to make these homes low impact on unspoiled natural areas.

In contrast to the uniformly modern exteriors in Modern CabinCabins The New Style features a blend of very modern cabins, new construction designed to blend in and look old and high tech renovations of historic cabins.   As with the above volume, there is lots and lots of eye candy here with numerous photos of each featured home as well as floor plans and site diagrams showing elevations.   In many cases the author explains in detail how the owners have managed to build their remarkable vacation homes for a lot less than would be expected.   Whether you are seriously contemplating the construction of a small second home or like me are just living vicariously and making plans for "Someday",  both of these are worth picking up the next time you’re at the library.   Both are Highly Recommended.