Rustic Cabin Fireplace

Last week’s books on spectacular log homes seemed to spark a real interest in the subject for Ron and today’s books are two he ordered from the library catalog which we both oohed and ahhed over. As eye candy, The Rustic Cabin: Design & Architecture, a lavishly illustrated over-size coffee table book is spot on. Ralph Kylloe is an expert on rustic furniture and design and this book spotlights magnificent homes built with every modern convenience in an elaborately rustic style.

Most all of the photographed homes are stunning and spectacular and well worth checking out, even if you don’t want to build one of these very rustic looking mansions. Ron and I agreed we would prefer to have the logs smooth finished and stained a lighter color. The natural finish log interiors are all too dark.

The one thing we did agree is that we wanted a natural stone fireplace and we both liked a number of the examples in Kylloe’s Rustic Fireplaces, which is filled with page after page of great photos of incredible fireplaces. I was thrilled to see the picture of the four faced fireplace in the lobby of Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park, a reminder of a great vacation past. Both of these books are Highly Recommended for gawking and living vicariously.