Pig Pancake Mouse Cookie Bargain

This week’s Easy Picture Books round up is for Nikon, who was very enthusiastic about last week’s selection If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and suggested one I wasn’t familiar with, A Bargain For Frances. This Easy Reader is the delightful story of two furry little girls of indeterminate species who both really enjoy having tea parties with their dolls and both long for a fancy china tea set. The story by Russell Hoban does a wonderful job of entertaining at a true Easy reading level while the delightful illustrations by Lillian Hoban add charm that cause adults to remember this book fondly decades later. Highly Recommended.

Following the same format as their highly successful If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, author Laura Joffe Numeroff and illustrator Felicia Bond have another delightful story book, If You Give a Pig A Pancake. It’s just amazing all the things the little pig will end up asking for if you give her a pancake. This one too is Highly Recommended.

Sadly, the third book in this week’s round-up is I’m afraid a dud. Another collaboration by Numberoff and Bond, The Best Mouse Cookie includes a helpful series tag on the spine "an If You Give" book but sadly, it isn’t. The previously very successful formula is quite
missing from this volume. The plot is minimal and meandering and not only does it not continue the "if you give" theme, it has no discernible theme at all. The mouse starts cookies to baking in the oven, takes a nap and falls asleep. The cookies burn, he throws them out and makes new ones and shares them with a friend. Yawn. Sorry to say this one is Not Recommended.

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