How To Cook A Turkey And All The Other Trimmings

Thanksgiving dinner is a notoriously difficult meal to pull off. It often involves cooking for a much larger number of people than even the most enthusiastic thrower of dinner parties is used to cooking for, and very often the planning, cooking and serving take place amidst severe emotional stress as less than amicable members of the larger clan prepare for and arrive for this annual reunion.

Whether you’re never cooked for this many people before and are in need of a life raft or are an experienced Thanksgiving host looking to upscale your menu a bit and learn the easiest ways possible for planning, preparing and serving this big deal meal, the editors and contributors of Fine Cooking magazine have got you covered with How To Cook A Turkey And All The Other Trimmings

An A to Z soup to nuts reference for the Thanksgiving dinner host or hostess. Everything you need to know about buying and cooking a turkey. Excellent recipes for easy side dishes from the traditional mashed potatoes and green beans to various flavors and variations for the turkey, gravy and stuffing to imaginative appetizers and desserts to round out the meal.

The book is well organized and clearly written. While not every recipe appealed to me, many of them did such as Garlic Roasted Green Beans with shallots and hazlenuts and the Cornbread Pecan Stuffing and the Chocolate Pecan Pie. If you will be cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinner, get a hold of a copy of this book. It will be a huge help. Highly Recommended

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