Happy Thanksgiving

This is one of Ron’s picks, and not one I myself would have selected. This fourth volume of true stories of people who have "removed themselves from the gene pool" by killing or sterilizing themselves through acts of great stupidity strikes me frankly as more than a little over the top and I am frankly uneasy at making fun of the suffering of stupid people, knowing full well that all of us behave stupidly at times.

Judging from Ron’s frequent bursts of laughter as he read the selections by Wendy Northcutt and her website community, some of these tales must be quite funny, but I was so horrified after hearing the one about the Romanian who in 2004 was infuriated by a noisy chicken that kept him awake all night that he one night rushed outside and snatched up the chicken and chopped its head off with his yard axe only to look up in horror as the un-beheaded chicken scampered away and a passing dog ate his penis, which had fallen to the ground beneath the chopping block that I didn’t read any of them.

I am thankful for each and every one of you who visit The Thin Red Line and especially to Majik, who’s meme I’m not actually going to answer. (Sorry.)