Unmistakably a Hippie

The Sixties is a coffee table size book of photographs by Robert Altman, famed as the director of such movies as M*A*S*Hand Nashville. The photos, which include both musicians and other famous icons of the flower-power-era as well as many shots of ordinary hippies were taken during the years 1969–1974 and provide a striking look back the Summer of Love and all that it unleashed.

I’ve always felt as though I was born at the wrong time. I was 5 years old during the Summer of Love and needless to say I missed Woodstock. But some how I am and always have been a hippie, which to me means that I am firmly anti-authoritarian but no anarchist, that I have a very cultivated ‘laid back and live-and-let-live’ approach to life, that my regular work wardrobe occasionally includes tie-dyed t-shirts and always on my feet a pair of ugly, thick-soled clogs that look vaguely lesbian and keep my feet happy as I push my cart through the stacks. And I just assume that anyone who sees me shelving recognizes me immediately as a gay hippie throwback, a type not all that rare in these parts.

If you lived through the late 60’s counter-culture and protest era or strongly identify with hippies, Altman’s photographic memoir of an era is well worth checking out, though it will be of little interest to those not fascinated by Flower Power. At my library The Sixties is at 973.923 with other books about United States history of that era. Your library may have it in the 700’s with other books of art photographs. If you need help finding it, don’t hesitate to ask for help at the reference desk. Even if your library doesn’t own the book you want, the reference librarian may be able to arrange to borrow it on your behalf from another library, often free of charge or at cost (round trip shipping and insurance of the material between libraries).

And now to find that Peter, Paul & Mary CD….