The Einstein's Brain God Does Not Exist Meme

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I just hate getting tagged with a meme. Especially when I’m tagged by a blogger I really like. With a meme that just isn’t suited to my format of daily book reviews with only rare ‘reading days’ and very occasional off-topic posts. There. Now that is one thing you know about me. I would have to now list six more if I were to really follow my friend’s meme which I can’t really do if this post is to have the appearance of one of my usual book presentations. So I hope my BlogCatalog buddy doesn’t mind that rather than follow the meme he tagged me with, I am tagging him right back with a meme of my own.

A woman I talk to frequently online recently changed her avatar from a cartoon-like drawing to her actual picture and for several days I thought that some new comer with a vaguely familiar handle had joined the board and it wasn’t until today when I spotted something familiar in the wording of a discussion post. I typed "You look so So SO DIFFERENT! I only just now since your icon changed realized that you are still Jamie!" Displaying her actual face rather than a familiar cartoon had actually made my friend Less real to me. This got me to thinking about how often online things are not what they appear to be and it is the appearance rather than the substance that all the effort has gone into.

And then I looked at these two books I brought home from work. They are clearly so unusual and interesting that I feel certain you will have wanted to catch a glimpse of them, and it may be that one of you actually would like to read a detailed travel guide with very specific information about where unique and unusual attractions are that has an index arranged by state and could thus be very useful in planning a kitschy vacation and a very academic argument issued by a scientist in response to the Intelligence Design movement that purports to prove that God does not exist. The fact is that after paging through both books, I honestly have no desire to actually read them and tell you anything more than that.

Which is how it is that I come to tag bloggers xight and suburbian queen with the Einstein’s Brain God Does Not Exist Meme, which I hope will be a suitably amusing experience for readers of their blogs. It is not a difficult meme. You just have to do a post that includes the covers of the two memed books and appears to be about those books but actually isn’t. Making it look as this post does like one of my usual book posts is optional. Mitch is probably in Mexico and may not respond for awhile but hope he will consider this a suitable ‘Welcome Back’ and I am totally confident that whatever Jamie does with this it will make me laugh.