Blogwild Monopoly

Panning books is definitely not the fun part of making this blog and much of the time I follow the old adage ‘if you can’t say something nice…’ But having taken the time to read through today’s titles and not having anything else I am yet ready to write about I decided to go ahead and post a very rare Double Don’t Bother.

Who among us has not played Monopoly? I remember many, many Monopoly games from childhood, which sometimes became so heated and emotional that someone would take the board and run home. So naturally I was struck by Monopoly: The World’s Most Famous Game & How It Got That Way when I was shelving in games at 794. I read a bit about Elizabeth Magie Phillips who invented in 1904 a Landlords game, about the age of the great trusts and the Carnegies and Rockerfellers, about Teddy Roosevelt, trust-buster and the founding of Atlantic City. And finally about the development and marketing of the world’s most famous game, skimmed through much trivia and read a gripping account of life at a very high stakes Monopoly tournament. If you are a Hard Core Monopoly Freak, you will Love this one. For everyone else, it may be a bit much.

As a budding power blogger with two growing blogs, any blogging books that surface at the library catch my attention. This one isn’t worth bothering with unless you are someone who has never heard of or seen a blog before, run a business that could really benefit from having a business blog, and want an explanation of how technically to make such a blog that was neither detailed and specific enough to actually walk you through the job nor focused and tweaked towards guiding you to the resources to do the heavy lifting. I have absolute certainty that no one reading this post will fall into that narrow audience category and have thus lazily refrained from linking this title.