My entry in the Eavesdrop Writer weekly contest

Vienne, the Eavesdrop Writer, has started something a little different. Each week she posts the beginning of a story, based on a conversation she has witnessed (she is an incredible eavesdropper and hears the most extraordinary things) and invites other bloggers to complete the story. Click the button above to read the beginning of the tale in a new tab, then read my ending below.

As the driver of the Hummer disappears from view, the Squatter retrieves a cell phone from his pocket. He stands behind the offending vehicle in perfect stillness, his face a mask of frustration and impotent rage. After a long while he nods, as though having come to some decision. He dials a number and places the phone to his ear. A moment later he is heard to say, “…yes, officer, I have information about a major drug dealer….”