Only An Egg

Just a short post today about a short book, over easy. Terry Golson is a professional chef who keeps a flock of 11 hens in her backyard in suburban Boston. The Farmstead Egg Cookbook is a tiny gem. Golson begins by telling you everything you ever did or didn’t want to know about eggs, such as why organic eggs taste better than commercially produced eggs, and why what she calls farmstead eggs– that is eggs laid by hens which are not kept in cages and can roam freely– taste better still. She also explains the grading and sizing of eggs and then tells you how to cook them.

You probably think you don’t need a recipe to boil an egg. Golson would not agree. If you’ve ever had a hard boiled egg with a greenish yoke or a shell that could not be removed without tearing away most of the white you would probably benefit from Golson’s instructions. After covering the basic preparations like sunny side up, over easy and scrambled Golson moves on to recipes for a wide range of dishes from the ubiquitous deviled eggs for snacking, to omelets and frittatas , then on to heartier fare such as swordfish kabobs with aioli , steak and eggs and spaghetti carbonara and finally to deserts including angel food cake and pistachio apricot biscotti that looked mouth watering in the photograph. Recommended.

In the library cookbooks are shelved at Dewey Decimal Number 641. This particular book can be found at 641.675.

A final note–the title of today’s post does not actually refer to the book mentioned above but is a hint or clue as to the topic of my next post, which will be up on Saturday. The first commenter to post the author or book title will win effusive praise. (JD, you’re not eligible since I already told you. )